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ninja technique that will help you to become a content writer in India.

Probably, you are planning to become a content writer in India and start making money by doing freelancing work.

Or, may be you are planning to launch a personal blog or website.

If both statements are correct in your perspective, you are at right place where you learn that how to become a freelance content writer in India and start your writing journey in this digital marketing world

First of all, if we talk about content writing so it is your personal skill which we can’t improve it.

It’s heart breaking!


But you don’t have to worry about it. I have a ninja technique that will help you to become a professional content writer to start your freelance writing journey in India

Learning Writing to Become a Content Become Script Writer in India

Content is the art of delivering your thoughts and expression to online readers in a very easy manner so that they can relate with it. This is the only way to connect your readers or audience and make bounding with them and take online relationship to next level.

I would say, there is no one is content or script writer here. We are only a content creators because if we talk about creating content so no one can write unique content so content writing is all about research and explanation to give value to your audience.

Before moving towards to become a freelance writer in India, we have to understand content writing in depth.

What is the Definition of High-Quality and Original Content Writing?

According to Google’s E-A-T rule,

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

EAT rule came from google and in rules google himself told that your content should follow these three elements.

  • Expertise level is what, where your content fulfilled to the user query and it means you are expert in your field or which you are talking about.
  • You will consider as an authority when people start taking your name is the same segment.
  • Trustworthiness is like, whenever we are publishing the content whether we are relying on that or not.

For example, if you read a blog on “how to lose fat” but you will not take a chance to apply that method on yourself which is mentioned there.

How to Beginners Can Start Freelance Writing in India?

Language and Skills

To become a freelance content or script writer in India, you have to be really good in English if you are writing content for print media or newspapers, and if you are writing for digital media so it’s not mandatory to be excellent in English.

If you are average in English or Hindi you can become a content writer in India and can work as a freelancer.

To print media, you have to very clear concept of these point is English-

  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure and rearrangement
  • Word usage
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation

If you are not good in English so, just don’t worry start practicing from today and just write anything means anything but keep writing.

This is the only solution to improve writing and it will surely help you within 15 days if you write an article daily basis.


As I already mentioned above that content writing is all about research. If you want to become a content writer, make sure your research part should be really strong.

It will help you create content by taking references because no one can write unique content. If your research will be the right path, you’ll be able to produce a healthy content to your readers.

Producing Thoughts

This is an important part of becoming a content writer in India. To write content you have to be a thoughtful person who can think so long and deep.

It will be the golden opportunity for you, if you have a thoughtful mind to create an audience engaging content.

Focus on Your Point

It’s a piece of personal advice to you that stick with your topic at the time, you are creating content.

By doing this your readers will not distract or confused and this is the identity of a good content writer in India to write a topic focus article.

Simple and Creative Writing Style

This is the thumb rule that every content writer should follow. I don’t know that you have noticed or not when you search a keyword on “Google” and land in any blog which you like but mostly time you just scan the article and exit from there.

It is hardly possible that you spent more time that particular article. Do you know why it happens?

It happens because the language is really complicated on that particular article which is not easy to understand.

The second thing their presentation is not really good or eye-catching which will engage people to spend some more time on that website.

So, get rid of this problem you have to be really creative mind or use a simple or easy to understand language while doing content writing. It will help you to engage your customer or audience for long time.


To become a good content writer in India you have to understand the whole structure of content writing and sentence formation.

And one of them, there is an important element is “readability” and it is nothing just use short sentences in your content writing and use always active voice to make your sentences.

If your sentences will be shorter, readers can easily read you paragraph without having any issue. On the other hand if you use longer sentences, your reader will confused and getting bored from your content and exit you web page.

If you want to become a professional freelance content writer in India then start your practice from today because practice makes a man perfect. and If you want to learn this skill by training so there are affordable online training and course of Internshala, which you can enroll and start learning from today.

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