Meesho App Download | India’s #1 Reselling App. Earn Money Online with Zero Investment

Download Meesho app, do you want to become a reseller and earn money online with zero investment or work from home?

Meesho (online reselling app) gives you an opportunity to earn money online, where you can work as your suitability and according to your time and you don’t have to spend a single penny from your side. If you are a working professional, you can become a reseller in Meesho with download a simple app in your smart phone.

For housewife it is a golden opportunity to earn some good amount of money by work from home and help your husband or your family members in financial expenditure.

Meesho app is the one stop resources for online reselling, there are many reselling app online available on the internet that I have used but Meesho is only the app which I am personally using and earning good amount of money. If you want to learn “online paise kaise kamaye“, please go through it.

Earning Proofs:-

Why you need to Download Meesho App

Probably you are aware of the Meesho app if you are reading this blog but if you don’t know anything about Meesho, I’ll explain everything here step by step.

  1. Meesho gives you an opportunity to be your own boss, you don’t need to do the job anywhere.
  2. It will allow you to work when you want to do and if you know some basic digital marketing, it will be a advantage for you.
  3. Earn money without any investment by promoting Meesho products on social media or WhatsApp with your friends.
  4. Earn commission by selling wholesale price products to customers by online in retail (you can sell even a single piece).
  5. Receive commission directly in your account after successfully deliver the products to your customers.

How to Sign up as a Reseller on Meesho App

Firstly, you have to download the Meesho app on your smartphone by below the “Download Now” button. And start the signup process by using the steps below-

  1. Open the Meesho app.
  2. Click on Registration/Signup and enter your mobile number/email id.
  3. If ask for a coupon code, you can use”NDUCOFA69767″ to get a 100rs-200rs discount on your first order.
  4. If not ask for a coupon code it means your coupon code is automatically applied, so move further.
  5. Fill in all the details required.
  6. Add your bank account to receive your payment.
  7. Start your reselling business without investment.

How Do I Earn with Meesho App

At Meesho you can earn money by selling fashion, home goods, electronic products, and more on WhatsApp or any other social media where you want to promote.

This blog will show you how you can earn money with zero investment!!!

The moment you open the app, you see a large collection of quality products with very low prices, source from the best supplier in the business.

Meesho App Download

Select the best and attractive catalog that you like and share it in your WhatsApp or any other social media platform with your friends and family members.

Meesho App Download

After sharing the catalogs, you will receiving messages for the price enquiry!!

Meesho App Download

So what next??

Place an order for your customers after filling in the details or delivery address of customers and selecting the payment mode that you want to choose.

Meesho App Download Meesho App Download

Set your profit margin – Your margin is what you earn with Meesho-

Meesho App Download

First, calculate your total cost and your total cost will be-

  • Your product price + the shipping charges( which usually free)
  • Add your profit margin and whatever margin you can add, according to the products.
  • Lastly, just place an order.

Meesho App Download

Now, sit back and relax, Meesho will deliver the product to your customer and after successfully deliver the product, you’ll earn your margin directly in your bank account that you have to attach at the time of your signup reseller account.

How to Download Meesho App

To download the Meesho app you only need a smartphone because Meesho is a mobile. To download this app you need to just click on the download button below which I have attached for you.

Meesho App Download

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