What is Digital Marketing and Its Importance in 2021

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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is just another word of advertising through the internet or digital channel such as social media, website, search engine, email, and mobile, apps, YouTube, and so on. Online marketing is a cost-effective method that companies and small businesses are using to sell products and services.

The marketing style also helps to make a small business into a multinational brand and connect with current and prospective customers.

In simple words, in today’s era, all things shifted online. The Internet makes our life very easy, even with the help of the internet we can get all the benefits over mobile phones or laptops.

We can easily do multiple works with the help of the Internet such as online shopping, recharge, ticket booking, online payment & transaction. Continuously observing consumer behavior many businesses adopting the technology of Internet marketing to promote their products and services.

80% of customers like to do research over the Internet before buying any service or product.

According to the stats, it is important for any business to adopt a online marketing strategy.

Internet marketing is an easy medium of doing marketing that can be done by anyone who has knowledge about the Internet and in other words we can also call it online marketing. This is the medium to reach more customers in a short period and this is the developing field of technology development.

Online marketing not only can help businesses to reach their potential customers or target audience but also, track customer behavior, likes & dislikes. So that, they can modify products and services according to customers’ needs and give them a better solution to the problem.

In other words, it will not wrong to say that online marketing is the medium to reach more customers with the help of technology.

What are the Examples of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a broad topic which can be categorized into multiple examples. Have a look at some common tactics used in online marketing:-

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is a best practice to promote your brand and content on the social media channels by intent to brand awareness and getting traffic.

Here is the list of social media, have a look on that:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat

Social media marketing is the cheapest medium to generate leads and promoting your content online. If you want to achieve the best results on a low budget, social media can help you to make it possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process to optimize your website or blog to rank on the first page of Google SERP (search engine result page) on a specific set of keywords to generate high-quality organic (free) traffic to your website.

What is digital marketing and its importance

Keep in mind one thing, as long as you are at the top of Google, then you will only keep getting inquiries for your business. As soon as you go to the second page of Google, you will not get any inquiry. Because, nobody goes to Google’s second-page!

In online marketing, whoever comes on the top page of Google is called King.

It has been categorized into three parts:

On-Page SEO:

This type of SEO focuses on a keyword that you are targeting, content writing skills, and tags that are required. In on-page optimization high-quality content (plagiarism-free content) and keyword research are the most important factors which you should always remember.

Off-Page SEO:

This type of SEO focuses on the activity that you have to perform off the side of the page. To do healthy off-page optimization of your website you have to create backlinks for your web page that you want to rank on Google SERP.

As I used the term “backlink” which means you have to get back a link to other websites or publishers, that are working in the same niche and should be authorized in their niche or segment.

Make sure you should not perform any elegit activity while creating backlinks for your targeted web page because google can be penalized your website if you found to perform any elegit activity.

Technical SEO:

As the name suggests technical you probably know what I am talking about. Because, this type of optimization relies on the technical health of your website or blog which you want to rank on Google SERP.

Technical means in SEO that how your website coded and fast web page loading (in second) and make sure your web page should be load fast. Because, according to the survey if your page could not load under 3 sec, you’ll lose 30 percent of your quality traffic even your page is top on Google SERP.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/PPC

Search engine marketing is a method of promoting your brand or content on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing). This is the process of paying some set of the amount to the search engines where you placing ads such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

People also called it “PPC”, which means pay per click, and as the name suggests you probably come to know that you have pay then, users will click on your ads.

This is the process to rank your webpage on top in the SERP (search engine research page) with the paid promotion or you can inorganically.

If you are a business owner or maybe a manager in a company with having an online presence of your business. you want to generate high-quality leads for increasing conversion rate in short periods, which every business want. Then, PPC is the best option to generate high quality leads.

There are multiple types of campaigns as per your business compatibility and goals. It will help you to generate business and create brand awareness in a short period.

Besides, I used the term “business compatibility” which means if you have a simple blog or let say you are a doctor and you want to promote your service page to generate some high-quality leads.

You can’t run shopping ads because you are not an eCommerce brand. In PPC ads there are set of the campaign which will be used depends on goal or industry.

These types of Ad campaigns you can run to increasing business, branding, and high-quality traffic:

  • Search campaigns (Text ads on search results)
  • Display campaigns (Image ads on websites)
  • Video campaigns (Video ads on YouTube)
  • Shopping campaigns (Product listings on Google)
  • App campaigns (Promote your app on many channels)
  • Local campaigns (Promote locations on many channels)
  • Smart campaigns (Automate your campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process of sending emails to promoting the services or products of any business. It is a cost-effective method to sell products or services through email communication with your target audience.

It’s important to reach your target audience for every business and generate leads from them. There is multiple marketing methods online and email marketing is one of them. It’s a long-term process because if you are sending an email to your target customers so, you should understand that they’ll not buy your services or products for the first time due to lack of trust which is quite natural for every person.

To sell your products online with the help of email marketing, you have to create an email sequence with a number of emails and the email sequence called a sales to funnel. In this email sequence you have, you’ll nurture your leads and finally, it will convert into your customers.

Email marketing is a powerful tool in Internet marketing to increase your sales and ROI. It will increase your brand awareness and reputation in the marketing or your target audience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about the use of automated software to perform some basic marketing activities in automated ways which are the same. Many companies are using this method to save time or money. This repetitive task performing manual basis can consume lots of time and effort which can be utilized in an important aspect of marketing. Business can target their potential customers with automated ways such as:

  • Email Sequence
  • Social media post scheduling
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Reports generate

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a beneficial approach of marketing of any online business to creating high-quality content for your readers on the basis of intent, relevancy, consistency, and needs to get organic traffic. In online marketing, traffic is a gold mine for any business because in this traffic a marketer can find the potential customers to generate leads and grow business, and content marketing is playing a vital role to convert readers into customers.

The channel that can play a big role in content marketing strategy are listed below:

  • Writing blog posts writing an article on your website is a part of content marketing which is the best option to express your industry expertise and convert readers into customers to increase your sales and better ROI.
  • E-books and whitepapers- This is a long-form of content which helps to attract people for better understand and give them complete knowledge on a particular topic or industry. It also allows you to exchange content for generating leads for your company and moving people towards buying decisions.
  • Infographics- Infographic is a visual format of content marketing because sometimes people want to show not tell. Infographic helps to give a better understanding of the content to the reader in visual form so that, it your readers can make the decision to buying your services or products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning commission to promoting products for an individual or company. In which when you promote products for someone and generate sales for this, you’ll get a set of the amount that is affiliate commission. This is the source of passive income and you can earn extra money with the help of affiliate marketing along with jobs and business.

Nowadays affiliate marketing has been popular in youngster too who’s aware from online marketing and its strategy. This is not a 9-10 hours job and not being bound to sit and work any specific location. You have to work according to your knowledge and understand at your place, even you can work from your smartphone also. I didn’t do any bigger task, you just have to make a strategy and find out the place where you can promote your affiliate products and generate sales.

People are already making money from affiliate marketing in comfort at their homes by generating huge sales online. It depends on you that how much want to earn and how much time to spend on your work to promotion. If you have basic knowledge of accessing the internet, using mobile phones, laptops, and desktops then you can do affiliate marketing by promoting some products and selling them on the Internet or social medial.

Online PR

Online PR is a medium to feature your business on the reputed website, blog, press release, and so on. It can help you to reach your target audience and increase your potential reach by featuring your business on the website they follow, the articles they read, the podcast they listen to, most important one is social media they spend their huge time. Online PR can provide you the best google reviews which will help you to get ranking on search and engine.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the method to attract customers by creating engaging content and give them value. This is the process to convert your readers or viewers into potential customers. Inbound mar is a strategy to use different types of technology to attract people to buy your services or products and the techniques that can be used in inbound marketing is:

  • Content marketing
  • Writing blogs
  • SEO
  • Social media

If you using these techniques to generating leads and sales for your business, you are doing Inbound marketing which is the best option for getting high-quality organic traffic that can be converted into your potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also part of online marketing which is being trended nowadays. This is a different method to promote your service of business online which is totally paid or can be an exchange of value.
If you are a business owner and want to promote services or products that you are offering and you don’t want to invest in another marketing method such as SEO, PPC, and so on, you have a better option now that is Influencer marketing.

After finding the influence you have to convince them to promote your products or service in their own ways and in return for your promotion you can offer them some amount of money or exchange something.
Influencer marketing is not a unique method that you can see in the current time.


You are watching television since childhood right? At the time of your favorite program on television, suddenly you saw an advertisement, where you’re favorite actor/actress trying to sell you a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, smartphones, and so on, that is influencer marketing. After watching that advertisement you think that I should also buy this stuff because you’re favorite actor/actress referred to this so it will be good.

A few years ago Internet marketing was not so broad field and now many people were aware of this method of marketing just because of limited access to the internet..

But after coming JIO, It has been becoming a vast field not only for businesses but also in youth.

The unlimited access to the internet and social media gives an opportunity to everyone to be a celebrity and attract people to follow them and many peoples have taken benefit of this and being really famous not only the internet but also in the real world.

Who Needs Digital Marketing

Needs of digital marketing can be a questions of those people, who are aware of this term. If you are a service-based business or manufacturing company, and the goal is to grab the attention of your prospective customer, you need for todays Era.

It means customers are only the hope for any business to generate sales and revenue. A group of customers make a market for any business. In 2021 the marketing approach has been totally changed.

Because of, unlimited usage of the internet without any restrictions.

Digital population across India as of February 2021
Image Source

According to google marketing insight 80% of people preferring shopping online from an E-commerce store because now people don’t have much time to go to the market and buy something. Even people also buying their daily grocery item from online store because it is convenient and affordable as well.

According, to market stats we can analyze that a large number of audiences is available on the online platform. To utilize the benefit of this larger audience base you need a professional.

Every business want to promote their services or products that they are offering and it has been becoming important to compete with business online competitors because they already using this proven online techniques. We have prepared a list of industries that needs the most this marketing services because with using this proven technique they can’t even stand out in the market, have a look at these industries below:


Online marketing makes you available 24/7 in front of your customers which is not possible with traditional marketing and online marketing gives you the power to generate leads for your business without going anywhere.

For example, people from other states of the country are searching online for “best attorney in New York”, what if you show on the google result on top. In todays’ era, if someone wants any service or products, he/she will research on google first because a large number of community is online.


It’s not surprising that retail sectors need a digital medium of marketing because this is not a preference in fact it’s a requirement for this sector. It is really important to increasing brand exposure or expand visibility to stay ahead of competitors. The retail sector is positively affected by this marketing method it contains a low marketing budget which can be afforded easily afford by retailers.


Online marketing makes it easier to connect with a healthcare brand. As a healthcare professional engaging with your patient with the help of social media and giving them health tips can improve the relations and communication with your patient.

Online marketing in healthcare industries has multiple benefits and it helps to reduce cost per patient acquisition (CPA), helps to target patients with specific conditions, helps your decision-making process by analyzing received data, and of course, helps to improve the patient experience.

Training & Education

The unlimited usage of the internet is a cause of getting information online and it becomes a trend to making decisions after getting information from the Internet. Educators, students, and their parents are now making decisions after researching and collecting data from different sources to analyze them.


The automobile industry depends on the foot traffic of the customers to generate their sales and revenue. But after the pandemic situation, people are preferring to place their orders online.

By adopting the online promotion automobile industry can reach its potential customer and increase sales.


In 2021 internet gives the power to utilize it your own way. Many businesses using a different strategy to doing business in their own style and if you see, the restaurants are online now.

If you want to order any food items or beverages from your favorite restaurants. You can do it by sitting at your place on your smartphone or computer.

What makes it possible? And the answer is the Internet, in this era food industry is becoming a really popular and profit-making business and only you need to promote their business online for brand awareness.

Entertainment – We all entertainment lovers because without entertainment we can’t survive. Everybody needs to be happy and stress-free for some time from their daily routine life.

Entertainment comes in different segments or types such as television, music, gaming, and so on.

High usage of the internet at a very low cost allows an opportunity to do anything. But, if we talk about the television, media, and the entertainment industry so.

It has been becoming really competitive to reaching potential customers. To overcome this competitive environment it is important to adapt this online promotion techniques.

Real Estate

It has been proven that Internet marketing is the future of the real estate industry as it transforming day by day. It is true that people making the final decision after seeking the property in person. But as the market stats, we come to know that people making decisions or going to the physical location of the property after researching and collecting information from the internet.

As a realtor, it becomes necessary to have an online presence in your real estate business.


If you are a fashion brand, retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler, you must have an online presence to reach your target audience because nowadays buying clothing or fashion apparel and accessories online is becoming popular today. People shopping online more as compare to the local market. There are multiple online fashion brands that are selling online and generate profit by using digital technologies and marketing methods.

Moving Companies

It allows moving companies to generate more leads by creating an online portfolio of their services on the website online.

It gives them high-quality leads because people are searching for their service. Online promotion can reduce their cost as compared to traditional marketing.

What Does a Digital Marketer Do

A Digital marketers is responsible for brand awareness and lead generation for any business .They manage all these thing, using multiple digital channels for achieving the business goals.

Some of the example of that are listed here:

  • Social media
  • Company own website
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Digital marketers are usually focused on the output coming from multiple channels so, that they could analyze the key performance indicator (KPIs) of particular a channel. The analytic tool helps them to identify the performance of the channel individually and make a crucial decision to optimize marketing campaigns or lead generation strategy. Analyze the key performance indicator of particular channels is a major responsibility of digital marketers so that, they could fill out the loopholes.

As we know online promotion is a vast field which contains a variety of marketing tactics/techniques.

Such as, search engine optimization, pays per click (PPC), email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, etc.

In a small organization, a single person owns many of these marketing tactics. The person called the digital marketing manager is responsible to manage all the stuff.

Another hand, in large companies there is multiple specialists for particular tactics so that I could be easy to handle task with consistency and make an effective strategy to optimize the marketing campaigns.

I am sure you are curious to know about the roles and responsibility of each digital marketing expert, here are some example of these specialists:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

The SEO manager/specialist is responsible for driving high-quality organic traffic on the website so that the traffic can be converted into leads. For getting organic traffic on a large scale he has to analyze SEO reports from time to time and make strategies using a variety of SEO approaches for getting a good ranking. Managing the project ranking on top in Google SERP is the main role of SEO manager.

Social Media Manager

Social media manager is responsible to brand awareness and drive quality traffic on the website which can be paid or no-paid. There are multiple social media channels available for promotions and advertising but the social media manager will identify the well-performing channels after deep analysis. The major role is the social media manager is to increase brand awareness and providing engaging content to the followers so, that they can convert into leads.

Marketing Automation Coordinator –

The marketing automation coordinator always focused on Email open rate, campaign click-through rate, lead-generation (conversion) rate.

The important one is to ensure emails should be delivered in the inbox of new or existing customers. As the name suggests “coordinator” is a person who has to work with multiple departments.

We mentioned above that there are multiple tactics which has to perform. It became necessary to have someone, who can group these digital activities. One who can is able to make a full proof marketing strategy to boost sales and lead generation.

Importance of Online Marketing for Students

The importance of online marketing for students is not less than a business that is using this promotional method to boost their sales and generate better ROI. Increasing demands of the internet day by day is the proof of using digital activities in daily life.

The education sector is bound to using these online promotion. Because, if colleges and institutions want to reach their potential students all over the world.

They, can take the benefits of these digital techniques. Even after COVID-19 education sector had been badly affected and it was not possible without this online acceptance to delivered education to students or complete their syllabus by giving them online lectures.

Source of Passive Income

Online Marketing is not just about chatting on social media or taking online lectures and research purpose work, Infect it has the potential to give you a passive income along with your study.

Yes, you heard right!!

In 2021 to learning this beneficial skill is important for students also. Unemployment in India is a curse which is a big stone that is in the middle of success for everyone who doesn’t have a source of earning. The reason behind this is our education system in India.

Online Promotion has multiple segments that I have mentioned above. There is a benefit that you don’t need to expert in every aspect. You can pick a specific segment and start working on it.

A single skill can give you an opportunity to make your career and you get a very good job in reputed companies. If you want to be your own boss, this is the option for you. Where, you can start your own agency or work as a freelancer.

I’ll recommend learning this skill that’ll be an extra advantage for you. Even you can expect a handsome salary amount, if you got a job in a reputed company. Because, after the internet revolution the demands of online marketing specialists is increasing day by day.

A lot of students have various doubts that how Digital Marketing can help them to get better jobs, or give them push in their career. If we talk about the point of view of a student from any stream (arts, commerce, and science) and not necessarily marketing. It is always suggested to choose a career that is on-trend in the market.

Before moving ahead to importance of Internet marketing for students as a career option, you should asked some questions from yourself that are mentioned below.

Why Internet Marketing Course is Important

The importance of the Internet marketing course is the repetitive question that I’ve been asked many times. Whether the demand for the internet has been increasing day after day and people are engaging on the internet for their daily needs but still, they are confused that they should learn this skills or not.

Here I’ll be talking about some professions, for which Internet marketing course is super important and what they can achieve after enhancing the knowledge about it.

Digital Marketing Course for Marketing Professional

It is obvious to learn this course for marketing professionals to make their career in this digital era. It is necessary to use an online platform for this complicated task and make it easier.

The old method of marketing was tradition and for this time it is not that much of useful for any business to promote their services and products.

Tradition method of marketing could be expensive than online promotion and using this technique you can’t analyses the outcomes that you getting.

On the other hand, online marketing allows you to reduce the cost of your advertising campaign and proper analysis of reports.

Internet Marketing Course for Sales Professional

If you are a sales professional, can Increase your sales with Internet marketing at a low cost, as it has low marketing budget than any other method of marketing. You can promote your products on social with using multiple marketing campaigns which can be customized at any time.

It gives you the power to choose your target audience for whom you want to sell your products which is not possible in the traditional method of marketing.

Digital Marketing Course for Student

Students also needs to learn this course, if they want to make a career in marketing profile. The online marketing industry can give you an opportunity to earn money online by doing blogging, freelancing work, Promote YouTube channels, and being an influencer.

If you are thinking that after 12th what should you do in your career along with if you have an interest in marketing and sales profile then dive into an online marketing course without any overthinking.

Online marketing Course for Fresher

It is quite possible that you are working already on the same profile but still you are not confident to perform all the activities and techniques of SEO, PPC,SMM & SMO. It does not like that you are not capable of doing so but the reason behind is the company where you are working.

Almost in every company, there is a huge team for every segment of digital promotion department. Such as, SEO, PPC, SMM, Email marketing, etc.

You couldn’t move ahead quickly because you are performing the same activities daily. Which is a repetitive task and you could not grow your knowledge by doing this.

If you want to be a master in Internet marketing, you have improved your skills in all segments. You have to understand the whole circle of online marketing and how it works.

Digital Marketing Course for Business Head

Being a business head or owner, acquire new customers is the main goal of everyone, Internet gives you the power to reach your potential customer according to your products or services.

There is no such medium as internet marketing to customer acquisition and expand your business.

By learning the techniques of online promotion, you can explore your services to a group of people whom you want to show.

Internet Marketing Course for IT Professional

If you an IT professional so, learning this skill will be a complete career package for you. If you are a web developer, you probably know about coding and tags which will be used in SEO.

It will become really easy for you to optimized a website or rank the webpage on Google’s top. Because, you are already working in the same industry.

I will give you extra skills to not only add your CV but also explore it in real life.

Online Marketing Course for HR Professional

If you are an HR professional, you have no point that you don’t need it in fact it becomes necessary to you to learn this skills.

HR is the person who has a major responsibility to hiring an employee for the organization.

In traditional ways of marketing are outdated now. In which people were placing and ads in newspapers or sometimes paste paper templates on a place to place to invite the candidates to come for the interview.

But now, after growing Internet industry companies have the option to place an ads on job portals websites.

HR has the responsibility to shortlisting candidates for the interview by downloading their CV from job portals and reviewing them.

SO, performing all the related activities, you have to familiar with the digital stuff.

After doing this online marketing course you will be able to promote your recruitment or job opening on social media. You can also run a Facebook campaign by choosing a specific group of candidates, according to their qualification or education.

Is Digital Marketing the Future of India

It will not wrong to say that digital marketing is the future of India. All we know that the population of India is increasing day by day and the current population of India is 1,387,567,768 as of Friday, January 22, 2021 (based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data). According to this data of population, India is the 2nd largest country in the world.

On the other hand, the accessibility of the internet is also increasing day by day, and if we connect these two thing which largest population along with the increasing accessibility of the internet, we come to know that digitalization gives an opportunity to connect a large number people online. In 2021 mobile phones become a basic need of every person and it shows that the future of digital marketing is going to brighter and brighter in next coming years.

A large number of audience is already connected with the internet with any form of activities, For Example –
“If your mother wants to know the recipe of “Shahi Paneer” it is possible with the help of YouTube.”

“If you want to receive and pay the payment you can do it with your mobile phones.”

Above, these examples are enough to understand the need for online marketing or the Internet. According to a general survey in 2021, India had nearly 761.29 million internet users across the country. This figure was projected to grow to over 974 million users by 2025.

What is digital marketing and its importance

To give you depth knowledge, I have prepared a list of 10 most reason that why the Internet marketing is the future of India:

Poor Performance of Traditional Marketing

If we compare the performance of traditional marketing with the latest marketing techniques in 2021 (current era).

You will probably know the difference between these two methods of marketing.

Traditional marketing is the oldest method to promote your products or services, which door to door, printing templates, banners, and holding on highways.

This method demands more manpower and huge investment which that every business can’t afford it. Now a day’s consumer is very intelligent and they preferred to search on google before buying anything and once they satisfied, they are ready to buy. After analyzing the customer behavior marketers realized to showcase their business on the internet so that they could be visible to customers.

Let me give you an example for a better understanding of this concept, suppose you have a business of real state and you want to generate leads of clients call with buying intent in 2021 which is the time of digitalization what will do you? Would you like to prints some temples and pasted to a place or preferred to going door to door that I am a realtor, do you want a property investment?

It sounds weird! Right? Yes, it is. Because you know very well that it will not work today but think about it if you could post some real pictures of the property on social media or could make some video content and upload it to YouTube, will it work?

Yes!! It will work and you will generate some quality leads by doing so.

This is the power of online promotion and not even real estate but many other businesses depend on internet marketing. And, this is the proof of this concern that online marketing is the future of not only India but the whole world.

Everything is Digital Now

If you see that small businesses are also adopting the services to promote their products online.

For example, you have seen many street food cafes’ that are doing promotions online on social media.

Because, they have the intent to reach a larges of potential customers.

Now on a large scale, many companies or service providers are depending on this online method to promote service.

Because they know very well, It is not beneficial to hire some people for door-to-door marketing to promote their products or services.

Government Initiative to make in Digital India

The government has taken an initiative to structure an ecosystem of public services through the use of the Internet and information technology, Govt. has launched a flagship program with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Now rural areas are not untouched from the opportunities and you can say that now, opportunities are not only available in metro cities but also in small towns. Govt. has also made an online employment program that is suitable for anyone who is sitting in a small village or wants to apply for employment registration.

Target Global Markets

If you want to target a global market or expand your business in the international market, you can easily do that with the help this online promotional method.

Your global customers are few clicks away from your business or services that you are providing.

If you have a website you can target any region or specific country sitting in one place.

Digitalization made it easy to sell your service to that person who is sitting in the USA or any other international country.

Institutions Launching Internet Marketing Courses

Institutions has been started launching courses to the same niche, but do you know why they need to launch these digital program or courses?

If you were a little bit aware of this concept of economics that supply will be where demand is available.

Infect there are so many digital agencies that are giving practical SEO, Social media, and PPC training to prospective students along with certificate or job assurance.

After, analyzing all these things it will not wrong to say that digital life is the future of India.

Because everything is digital now, and choosing a online marketing course as a career opportunity will be the best option for anyone who has even a small interest in it.

Is Internet Marketing a Good Career in 2021

We have to understand the importance of being digital. According to the survey it comes to know that the youth are spending their 6 hrs.

A day on social media or any other digital platform that has been increased after COVID-19 into 12 hrs. a day. We can observe it on one’s own that all the time always busy in mobile phones or laptop, even in late-night.

Everything is online with the help of cheap Internet accessibility and affordable smartphones. It means every business who want to connect with their potential customers for engagement purpose, brand awareness, and selling products or services.

If you understand the demand of online promotion for customer acquisition then, you must understand that digital marketing is a very good career opportunity in 2021.

There are multiple job opportunities in this field that came into existence and being consistent over the years and the reason behind this is that the companies have been depending on this marketing method.

After 12th every student has the common confusion to choosing career opportunity that what should he/she do after 12th and this is the solution of every student who is worried about his/her career in 2021.

After learning this demanding skill you may have these opportunities that you could pick up as per your interest and ability –

Jobs Opportunities in Digital Marketing Industry

Jobs opportunities in the online industry are increasing day by day. Because now, companies are shifting their interest from traditional marketing to online promotion techniques.

It’s happening because they found traditional marketing much costly as compared to latest method of promotion.

They started targeting their potential customers online instead of using offline methods of marketing.

What is digital marketing and its importance

In this profile you needs to perform various online activities such as SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, and so on.

To performing these activities companies required candidates who know the whole structure of online marketing.

The numbers of jobs is increasing day by day in this digital marketing industry as you can see to the naukri.com (India’s No-1 Job Portal in India):

Professional Blogger

Professional Blogger, if you have an interest in writing a diary daily which is most common in writing lovers, Digital marketing could be the best career option for you. This marketing method allows you to present your ideas or thoughts online and connect with many readers along with that you can earn money online with the help of Google Adsen or organic traffic.

This is the common profession in digital marketers when they starting their career or online marketing journey. If you succeed to become a professional blogger, you could influence others and they will approach you to market their products or give reviews to them. If you are not good at writing in English, you can write in any language according to your interest. Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to earning by writing which can help you to make your identity in this digital world.

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Earning money online by affiliate marketing is become common in online marketing and could also a good career option in 2021 after learning the skill.

Affiliate marketing is the technique where you generate sales after promoting products of any companies and it returns you get a piece of commission on every sell and that commission is also known as affiliate commission.

Become a Freelancer

Become a Freelancer is the only mindset that attracts people to learn this online technique because it’s an opportunity to be your boss.

Yes! You can be your boss after learning Search engine optimization and start work from home after getting some projects from clients or websites (Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork, People per Hour, etc.).

This is a good career option in 2021 because it allows you to work according to you as per your need, time and one more benefit is to become a freelancer as a part-time or full time both.

Start Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you want to become an Entrepreneur and start your agency then digital marketing will be proven a good career option for you in 2021. If could polish your online marketing skills and ability to handle projects individually, you can start your agency.

Become a YouTuber

If you want to become a YouTuber, Digital marketing is a very good career opportunity for you in 2021. Watching videos on YouTube is becoming trendy now and there have been a ton of YouTubers you can see now online. You can easily become a YouTube after learning these skills and make your identity by investing your time and approach to creating healthy content for your viewers.

It gives you an opportunity to becoming an influencer in which many big brands will approach you to promote their products and review them and they will also offer you a handsome amount in return.

Scope as Trainer or Coach

If you are passionate about teaching still digital marketing could be a good career option for you in 2021. If you search on google then you can find many trainers and coaches who are giving digital marketing training online or offline both and they are doing this right now because they have invested their time and effort in past.

Become an Online Reseller

Online resellers are also making money by promoting some products on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) and selling them. If you are housewife or working professionals still digital marketing could be the best career option for you in 2021 because it gives you an opportunity to earning money by sitting at your home. There are multiple reselling platform such as Meesho, GlowRoad, Shop101 , etc.

These all are mobile application which you can download here and start earn money online by reselling.

  1. Meesho App Download
  2. GlowRoad App Download
  3. Shop101 App Download

After learning these marketing skills you can generate more sales and able to make your online presence by creating your Facebook page and Instagram page so that you could look authorized to your customers and they could buy from you easily.

What is the Highest Salary in Digital Marketing

In this section we’ll talk about the highest salary in digital marketing employee received, as we discussed above what is digital marketing, why you should learn, and the future scope in digital marketing. After collecting all the information and deep-dived into it we have much knowledge about this marketing method and now you probably want to know the pay scale or salary structure in the online marketing industry.

Before moving ahead you have to understand that the structure of digital marketing is based on practical implementation. If you are a fresher and got a job in digital marketing, your salary structure will be different than an experienced candidate. To get a high salary package is also depend on your practical knowledge of performing activities and making strategies.

Only having theoretical knowledge of digital marketing is very dangerous while is useless to deliver results and if you could not succeed to deliver results then no one wants to hire you.

Every Industry has different multiple profiles from the executive level to manager and the categorization of the job profiles help to distribute salary to employee-related to any industry. According to the profiles in digital marketing, we’ll explain to you about the highest salary in digital marketing you can get –

Digital Marketing Manager – Digital marketing manager receive a handsome amount of salary that you can check below down –

What is digital marketing and its importance

This position demands the highest experience in this field, with the strategic approach of digital marketing, and of course a leadership quality to make a large number of member’s team.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Role & Responsibility

  1. Responsible for Digital Marketing and owns the Digital Strategy of the organization
  2. Lead Generation, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Inbound/Outbound Marketing, Content Development.
  3. Highly creative with skills in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and generate leads for the sales team.
  4. Differentiate and establish brand value through value proposition.
  5. Strong presentation skills, outstanding communication skills both written and verbal English.
  6. Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and organize

PPC (Pay per Click) Expert

PPC expert or search engine marketing expert in the most demanding profile in online marketing. This is the person who is full of practical knowledge in running google Ads campaign and have the ability to reduce marketing cost or investment and increase ROI in a short period.

Those who have huge experience in this profile can get the highest salary in the digital marketing industry that this figure shows.

What is digital marketing and its importance

PPC Expert Job Role & Responsibility – 

  1. Creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital, channels.
  2. Overseeing existing campaigns and making recommendations on how to optimize them – Google Marketing (Remarketing, Digital Ads, GDN), Facebook Paid Marketing, Facebook Shot, Google Shop.
  3. Oversee accounts on search platforms (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing)
  4. Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI
  5. Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting
  6. Track KPIs to assess performance and pinpoint issues

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is a person who is a master in optimizing websites for search engines to increase organic and high-quality traffic on the website by rank on top of any search engine, to achieve their conversion goals. SEO is the backbone of any online business, therefore the person who handles this task is responsible to generate business without using paid marketing techniques.

An SEO specialist is a very demanding profile in every organization who is using these online marketing techniques and the highest salary of SEO specialist you see in the figure below –

What is digital marketing and its importance

SEO Specialist Job Role & Responsibility

  1. Conduct keyword research to determine the most appropriate and relevant keywords to target, shape the content strategy manage brand and identity positioning across all web properties globally.
  2. Leverage tools, to monitor, report and act on performance of all website/digital properties
  3. Conduct website audits and identifies SEO opportunities and present plans to enhance website performance.
  4. Review and resolve technical SEO issues.
  5. Manage all website properties’ internal linking structure and enhance to support SEO efforts.
  6. Identify link building opportunities, develop ideas to acquire backlinks that positively impact organic rankings, building links, and writing articles.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media marketing is to connect people at the online platform where they spend their huge time. Nowadays organizations preferred to reach their potential customers by creating their social presence and engage them. To perform all these social media tasks they required a person who has deep knowledge of making socially accepted content that could be engaging too.

The person is who will handle all the activities that are the social media manager and the salary of this profile is quite handsome –

What is digital marketing and its importance

Social Media Marketing Manager Job Role & Responsibility

  1. The ideal Digital Marketing Manager for brand Management should be excited about both launching and growing products that become a part of people’s daily lives.
  2. Design and manage the strategy and execution for digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels including SMM, SEO, mobile, and paid social to reach targets
  3. Ensuring engagement across all digital platforms as identified in the strategy.
  4. Managing and collaborating with vendors to develop innovative digital assets: post, copy, blogs, posters, whitepapers, case studies, videos, etc.
  5. Ensuring execution is with the budgets allocated.
  6. Developing a strategy to build a community of passionate cooks and home chefs across the country.

Where do I Start My Career in Digital Marketing in 2021

Where do I start my career in digital marketing?

This is the common confusion amongst students or fresher after understanding that what is a digital marketing and its benefits in 2021. If you have decided to make your future in online marketing, you have to make a plan before starting your digital marketing journey.

It is important because digital marketing is a ladder on that you have to walk a step to step otherwise, you can fall.

Before moving ahead you have made your goal in digital marketing that what you want to achieve after learning this skill. Once you decide, you can move further by following these steps or instructions below.

Understand the Basics of Digital Marketing

Understand the basic concept of digital marketing is important to everyone who wants to make his/her career in this digital industry. Basic knowledge of digital marketing allows you to understand the concept of the whole structure and you could know that what you have to in this segment and why it helps you to grow your business or organization where you’ll work.

There will be a high chance to make a mistake if you have a clear basic concept of digital marketing because this whole game depends on making strategy to promote or any business. There are multiple channels or free or paid resources where you can start learning digital marketing and the no-1 platform to learn it free is YouTube.

You can find multiple tutorials or single videos which will enough to gather basic knowledge or understand digital marketing.

Online Free Certification of Digital Marketing

Now you have basic knowledge of online marketing, you can move ahead to taking online certification of digital marketing that you’ll get after completing a Google online course of few hours. There are multiple online courses of google in every segment such as digital marketing, google ads, Google analytics, GMB, etc.

After completing these programs you have to give an online exam which is free of cost and if you passed the online exam google will give you a certification that will help you to be certified in particular topics.

This will be a great initiative to take a step further in your digital marketing journey and it will create an impact if you add in your CV and Social media profile.

Find a Digital Marketing Mentor

Getting the free online certification is not enough to be a certified or expert digital marketer. It gives you an overview of all the segments that you have to learn deeply one by one. To learn digital marketing at a professional level you need a certified mentor who is qualified or a specialist in this field.

There are so many institutes online/offline where you can easily start your training along without disturbing your current job. Digital marketing is a vast field that is divided into multiple parts such as SEO, SMM, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and so on. You have the option to choosing one of them or whole digital marketing, if you want to be a specialist in any specific segment then you can do it.

Learn Coding Language

Learning a codding language will be an added advantage in your digital marketing journey that allows you to optimize your website by yourself. Site optimization is a part of off-page SEO which will be teaching you by the mentors where you’ll learn digital marketing, they will not teach you the whole codding language.

They will explain to you some specific tags that will be written in HTML language but that is not enough for you because in the future sometimes you faced problems in the technical health of your website, you need a professional developer to correct the error in your website.

Hiring a developer again and again could be more costly for you and to get rid of this situation, you can learn coding language that will be an extra advantage for you. Along with that, you are capable of a web development profile too and digital marketing or web development is the two sides of one coin so. 

Start Your Blog

To polish your digital marketing skills to have to start your blog and implementing all those strategies or techniques that you learned from your mentor. It is really important to have your blog or website because digital marketing is not a theoretical game infect it depends on practical implementation.

As much you implement the strategies in your project, you will learn more and become familiar with the marketing strategy and its timing to implement it.

If we talk about getting job or freelancing projects in digital marketing it will become necessary to have your websites or clients project to show them that you can perform all the digital marketing strategies. This is the live proof that you can show the employers or clients.

Become a Master in SEO

Become a master in SEO is most important if you want to survive in the digital marketing field. Having an SEO skill can help you to rank your website on top in Google SERP and allows you to reduce your marketing costs such as PPC campaign, Facebook, and Instagram advertisement.

Most companies willing to hire digital marketing candidates specifically required SEO expertise (off-page & on-page) along with other segments.

The reason behind is because companies want to reduce its marketing budget and utilize them on other crucial things. So, if you want to place in a reputed company in a digital marketing post, you have to become a master in SEO.

Approach to Client for Project as a Freelancer

If you are not interested in Job and start your work in digital marketing, you can approach clients for the Project as a freelancer. Freelancing is the best and suitable option for you if you want to be your boss and having digital marketing skills you can fulfill your dream.

There are plenty of websites (Fiverr, freelancer.com, Upwork) available on the Internet where you can register as a freelancer and approach clients over the world. After getting experience on client’s projects, you can start your agency and also apply to a reputed organization for a suitable post with a high salary package.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Business in 2021

If you are thinking about the importance of digital marketing for any business in 2021 then, first you have to understand that every business has the same goals which are to grab the attention of large numbers of customers and approach them to buy their services or products. In 2021 Internet consumption has been reached a higher demand and along with cheap rate smartphones people spending lots of time on the Internet.

A large audience is now available on the internet and this is the opportunity for businesses to target them. Much other reason also works behind the importance of digital marketing for companies or businesses that we have discussed below –

Marketing Cost Affordability

If we talk about affordability of digital marketing cost that is cheaper than other traditional marketing methods we used before such as print media, newspaper, holdings, and banners.

Increasing Number of Mobile Users

The mobile phone user’s data has been reached in the large scale just because of low rate smartphones with unlimited Internet accessibility and to grab the attention of the large number of audience it is mandatory to come online for any

Flexible Mode of Marketing

This marketing method allows the businesses to market their products or services flexibly as online marketing contains several parts of marketing mode such as social media, google ads, SEO, email marketing. You can choose one of them as per your budget or requirements.

Expand Business Reach

In the old form of marketing we don’t have options to expand the reach of the business due to some limitations but in digital marketing, you can expand your business as per your need because online marketing allows the businesses to target their customers all over the world.

High Engagement Rate in Multimedia Content

Now a day’s people more engaged to consume multimedia content such as videos, photos, digital banners, and graphics. From the online marketing point of view, it is an opportunity to reach your target audience by placing ads in between the content and it could be beneficial for branding also.

Directly Customer Interaction

Online marketing allows businesses to directly interact with customers through blogs, YouTube videos, social media posts, or many other resources. This marketing method allows you to tackle customers one by one by giving them the solution to their problems and it will also help the businesses to understand the customer’s needs and preferences that will help them to make a strategy to sell their products or services.

Customers Activity Tracking

Not only you can communicate with your customers with a digital marketing method but also it allows you to track their activities when they landed on your webpages and lastly that they successfully make a purchase or not. These tracking details can help the businesses to analyze the behavior of customers or how they are interacting with properties.

Brand Authority

Digital marketing helps businesses to make an authoritative brand or industry expert by creating their online presence in which consumers can raise their issues easily online by giving reviews or comments. Positive reviews from many customers who are satisfied with the services can make any business an authoritative brand.

Take Advantage of Influencer Engagement

There are many influencers available in social media or other different marketing channels that are ready to promote products. Many businesses tackle them by attracting offers and take the advantages of an influencer engagement.

Modern and Effective Techniques

Internet Marketing is a modern and effective technique that can reduce your marketing budget and gives the higher value. In tradition marketing companies had the only option to promote their services or products that was banners & holdings, newspaper advertisement, commercial ads on television or radio. These marketing materials were as costly as compared to online marketing.

Now businesses have the option to promote their products or services online with the help of writing blogs or effective articles about the company’s services with a deep explanation.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business in 2021

The importance of digital marketing couldn’t be escaped when we talk about small business in 2021. Generally, small businesses rely on traditional marketing methods when they have the intent to target customers by using some specific types of advertising, such as print ads, holdings, and sometimes they used signboard on the side.

These marketing resources demand a high-budget for advertising and promotion and the small businesses don’t have much budget for advertising for a long time therefore, the small businesses are ruined down soon because they are not able to serve with this huge marketing cost and resources for a long time.

Those small businesses still rely on traditional methods of marketing, they are not aware that how powerful digital marketing strategies are that can connect businesses to their new and existing potential customers. Convert even more sales and sell their products and services more efficiently.

Online Marketing not only creates your online presence and allows you to promote business online but also will give you many other benefits that are listed below.

  1. Capability to attract more prospective customers and understand their needs and behavior to pitch your new or existing products.
  2. Able to capture the global market online by sitting in one place.
  3. Can reduce marketing budget as compared to traditional marketing.
  4. Ability to give you a deep analysis of your marketing efforts.

Why Small Business Should Choose Digital Marketing in 2021

If you are a small business owner and still confused that why your business needs digital marketing and why you should choose it in 2021 then, we have discussed it with deep analysis to make it easy to understand you.

Your Customers are waiting for You Online

According to a survey it has been researched that India is the 2nd largest country according to Internet consumption after china. It means their tons of users are online now that can be your customers and the availability of users online is an opportunity for you to reach them and convert them into your customers.

Your Business Competitors Are Already Online

You have to come online if you want to survive in this digital era of 2021 and your business competitors have been already online because they know the value of Internet marketing, If you want to get attract your potential customers, you have to the things that are your competitors doing.

You have to understand your competitor’s techniques and learn from them, take them as a teacher who can teach you lots of techniques or methods that they performing for themselves.

 If you will observe your competitor’s marketing methods that what they are doing and how they are dealing with customers with the help of content that they are providing in the form of videos, blog writing, and graphics, you’ll understand what’s going on. The competitor’s analysis is important to come on top of the Google SERP.

If someone searches your business types and the keywords related to your business industry but your competitor showing before you in the Google SERP, you’ll lose the customer because the customers will give the priority to your competitor, even they have not the good-looking and effective website.

Be Available to Your Customers

In 2021 this is the time that has been converted into digitization and everything is online now, even you can order food online anywhere you want. In this digital era, marketers realized the need of digital marketing method which is suitable for small business especially.

People are mostly interested in shopping online now, they don’t have much time to go anywhere because if everything they want to buy is online now, they just start their searches before buying anything. In such a matter, if you have an online presence then will an opportunity for you to grab the customers and sell them anything that they want.

Remember one thing, if you have an online presence but your competitors ranking on top before you in the Google SERP, while customers searching your targeted keywords then still you’ll not get any business. Instead of making a high-end designing website you should understand the search engine mechanism and work accordingly. So that, you could get the result within the period.

Customers Can Find to You

Make an online presence is the means that you are allowing your customers to find you online and make a purchase of your products and services as per their needs. If you are an offline business you can get customers within limited boundaries but online marketing allows you to sell their services or products globally with less market cost.

Making the online presence of your business you can give services to your customers 24/7 without any stress, your customers can come any time and placed the order. It means with online marketing you expand your business even at the time of sleeping. Any time your potential customers can come to your website and check your inventory make a purchase and if have any issue or query, they can send you an email also.

Get a Power to know your Customers

Online marketing allows you to engage with your potential customers and build a relationship with them. You can start your blog and write an article full of knowledge about your products or services that could solve the problem of your customers.

Social media can also help you to understand your customer’s behavior by survey or Facebook campaign, where you can start conversation one by one and try understand their needs, what they are looking for, how can solve their problem. These things will also help you make a strong relationship with customers and close the business deal with them.

Get Relevant Customers

In the traditional method of marketing there is a major issue that is customer targeting. You can gave television advertisement you can’t decide that your ads should be seen by specific group of peoples in order to gender or interest and result will be exhaust your marketing budget. On the other hand online marketing gives you an opportunity to target your potential customers according to your business at low cost.

Target you can do on the basis of gender, interest, education, location and more that can help you to save your marketing budget and generate high quality leads.

Advanced Analytics Benefits

Online marketing gives the benefits to small businesses to analysis the marketing campaign so that they could know the result of marketing strategy they used. Analytics is an online tool provided by the Google that helps to analyze the website traffic coming from.

This tools will help to businesses that their audience coming from the particular location and how many visitor are coming on their website, and the behavior of audience that how they are communicating with website and activity they are performing. Online marketing has the potential to analyze the data and general a proper report that could help businesses to understand that what’s the problem in their marketing strategies and how can they optimized it.

Integrates Marketing with Mobile Technology

Using mobile technology you can always connected with your potential customers to fulfilled the requirement of your business marketing. According to research a large numbers of users all over the world are using smart phone devices which is the invention to perform Internet experience really good and fast.

If you can see this large numbers of audience as your prospective audience which you can target for your business conversion to solve their problems. Many small businesses who have no online presence or website they are consistently selling their products or services using WhatsApp and with a single social media page.

There are multiple opportunities available for housewives or small businesses to become a reseller for fashion or garment industry. Many peoples are working as a reseller, seller, and wholesaler and using just a WhatsApp or their contact they are make money by promoting others products and sell them online. Mobile marketing is always a good idea for small business those want to work with low investment.

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